Elite Dangerous: Odyssey | Update 9 Notes

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey | Update 9 Notes

Greetings Commanders.

Can you actually believe it’s the 9th of December and this is the 9th Update for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey? Does anyone else have any connections to the number 9? Not like I’m trying to distract you or anything.

Let’s get ready to usher in Update 9…
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey servers will be offline from approximately 09:00 UCT
Servers are expected to come back online, with the update available at around 12:00 UTC (long one, ah? Lot of meat in this…).​

Time to glide our way through some factual information and the annotations of a woman existing solely off of double espressos, Barry’s Tea (sponsor me) and only ever good intentions.

Updates of Note

Introducing…The Scorpion.
The Scorpion, a new SRV designed specifically for supporting infantry on ground-based combat has rolled into action.

  • The Scorpion is fitted with 2 seats for a driver and a gunner…

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