Elite Dangerous: Tourist Beacon Competition Winners Announced!

Elite Dangerous: Tourist Beacon Competition Winners Announced!

Greetings Commanders.

As you may be aware, we held a rather special competition recently whereby a number of lucky Commanders could earn their chance to be immortalised in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy, with their name forever set on their very own Tourist Beacon.

To enter, Commanders were asked to submit a screenshot of the most interesting unpopulated systems, containing Earth-like worlds for all to admire.
Tricky thing here is that there were so many amazing entries, the guys really did have a wonderful but very heavy task on their hands when attempting to choose the lucky winning lot.

However! They got there in the end and we’re now thrilled to share the list of winners, along with a little showcase of their efforts!

Winning Commanders:

Alex Miner ddraiggoch Ivy Augustine marx shakalxl3
Alkibiades De La Buse Jacob99

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