Elite Dangerous: Update 7.01 and Horizons Update (PC Only)

Elite Dangerous: Update 7.01 and Horizons Update (PC Only)

Greetings Commanders.

Thanks so much for the continued responses from so very many of you, following this week’s deployment of Update 7 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, along with the ‘Quality of Life’ update for Horizons.

We have a couple of issues we’d like to tackle sooner than later, so these will be going out this early afternoon.

Servers will flick offline at approximately 13:30 UTC / 14:30 BST (give or take several minutes) and will be expected to be down for no longer than 10 minutes for the updates to deploy.

PLEASE NOTE: Updates of this nature are in the pipeline for Console players. We’re targetting next week for deployment of those (Certification time required).​

Updates of note for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

  • A fix has been implemented for where engineered weapons were….dealing extreme amounts of damage (I have no ‘wit’ left in me to give you anything more on this one…other than that really…

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