Engineering Guardian Modules

Engineering Guardian Modules

Hello Commanders,

*SPOILER – if you are yet to discover Guardian content, stop reading now.*

Guardian modules and weapons are one of the newest additions to Beyond – Chapter One. As you may know, this technology is being utilised by commanders throughout the galaxy and offers significant benefits to those who use it. However, because the Guardian tech is new and experimental, it shouldn’t possible to engineer it.

Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that one of the guardian modules, the Guardian Power Plant, has slipped the net and it is currently possible to engineer. As a result, we will be initiating a server-side command to prevent Commanders from accidentally engineering the module in question.

This temporary solution will not require server downtime, and we will have more information when a permanent fix is in place.

We’re sorry to those who have engineered the Guardian Power Plant and to ensure that there is no unfair advantage over other commanders, we will be replacing…

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