Festive Cosmetics – Available Now In The Store!

Festive Cosmetics – Available Now In The Store!

Ho ho ho7 Commanders!

Season’s greetings to you all, and you know what season it is! It’s that time of the year where the marvelously festive Elite Dangerous cosmetics make their reappearance in the Store! Not only can you wrap up your ship in a festive delight of a paintjob, you can also fill your proverbial stockings with in-cockpit customisation options from Santa Claus bobbleheads to festive lights!

Check out some examples below:

There are plenty of variations to the Festive paintjob (which comes in at 2220 ARX), including different colourways and a choice of ships to apply it to!

Bobbleheads available for 6470 ARX:

  • Snowflake Bobblehead
  • Santa Claus Bobblehead
  • Christmas Tree Bobblehead
  • Snowman Bobblehead
  • Candle Ornament
  • Cosy Fireplace Ornament
  • Festive Gifts Ornament

These items are available on the Store now…

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