Fleet Carrier Update – Known Issues

Fleet Carrier Update – Known Issues

Greetings Commanders,

Thank you to everyone who has reported the issues they’ve found since the update went live. We’re reading all the feedback and the development team is working hard on resolving them as we speak.

This thread is intended to share which issues we are aware of and any information relating to them. We’ll keep this thread up to date with news and information, so please do keep checking back for the latest updates.

Current known issues:

  • Commanders being kicked from the game and unable to rejoin, or taking a longer than expected time to rejoin.
  • Commanders experiencing crashes related to connection errors.
  • Various sites missing from the in game world, such as Dav’s Hope.
  • Commanders being unable to purchase a Fleet Carrier.
  • Some Commanders did not have to wait any time for their fast track quota.
    • Fast tracking Powerplay quotas is currently not available while we investigate a further fix.

Thank you for…

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