Focused Feedback Thread – Camera Suite

Focused Feedback Thread – Camera Suite

Greetings Commanders! Hope you’re all doing well today.

It’s time!

Having followed many recent discussions lately through various social platforms regarding the Elite Dangerous Camera Suite, particularly the discovered differences that the version within Odyssey has compared to Horizons, I would love to work closer with you all on finding out more about what improvements you would like to see, in order to bring your creative experience back to parity with Horizons for Odyssey players, as well as general quality improvements for Horizons players.

An example, I have on my list here of a quality/experience improvement is looking into how the limitations of the “signal lost/blackout” boundary affects creativity.

I also want to include in this discussion what your long term wish list might be for the Camera Suite! So stepping away from just issues and such, looking more toward what you would find exciting as a new feature for the Suite. Go wild! No…

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