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  2. Wingman 1 nav lock: Locks navigation to wingman 1. The following phrases will trigger this command: nav lock to wingman 1 nav lock to wingman one nav lock to wingmate 1 nav lock to wingmate one wingman 1 nav lock wingman one nav lock wingmate 1 nav lock wingmate one nav lock
  3. Wingman 1 target: Selects the same target as wingman 1. The following phrases will trigger this command: lock wingman one's target lock wingmate one's target select wingman one's target select wingmate one's target Change the number to the wingman you want.
  4. A TDM map on Livonia, a green area with low buildings. Map has been updated to v0.03: Floating BMP wreck fixed Airplane wreck moved Ladder removed Accessible windows smashed for buildings around the flag
  5. Merry Xmas, hope to have a better year.
  6. Wish you all had a lovely christmas and happy new year. Hope your all well
  7. Wow, yes we are still alive, we still play arma, always good to see old members pop by.
  8. HF, was walking memory line, some of You 15 years later are still alive and kicking Platoon_Johndeadly here 🙂
  9. Map updated to v0.03: Resistance now also has GPS (and thus minimap) Binoculars added (as it's a large area)
  10. It's almost like time delay and fragments bouncing of walls killing you.
  11. Funky stuff happening with the shotguns, I'll consider changing the weapon to SMG or bolt action rifle.
  12. I like this map, one of your better ones.
  13. I've updated the map further to v1.2: same unit for each slot (so the slot #2 bias should really be over) exchanged the pistols with assault rifles instead
  14. Ye will do probably be around december. I dont get why only certain games aint on steam so need a blizzard account now too thought by now everything would be on one app 😭
  15. Those specs will do you fine, get Arma 3 asap so you can join us when we play on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  16. I still think this game is awesome and glad they haven't rushed to release number 6. As i think new versions should be after 2 years not yearly like CoD for money grabbing. I would rather buy eg Fifa then buy yearly updates makes more sense.
  17. hey all, Hopefully some may recall who i am, was in Platoon many years ago as Capone/Kerry. Also was in a few other clans prior and after eg BRITS, GGX, SA, MAFIA, UKA. Anyways since operation flashpoint i have come off PC gaming and looking to get back after a 15 year break. Currently on ps4 but in discussions about building a pc. I dont have room for a.desk to his gonna be plugged into my lg 4k "50" tv. And yes im still gonna use a controller for normal games and eventually get a wheelstand pro with a wheel eventually. Whats a good pc setup to build i was looking at
  18. Fusion Squad is looking to adding some new drivers to it's line up, if your interested in joining us please sign up here We are looking for drivers that would be interested in doing Skip Barber races on a Friday Night.
  19. Remove all uniforms, and is it possible to make machine guns as default?
  20. TDM on the island of Tanoa
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