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  1. Yesterday

    Map has been updated to v0.02: Spawn point under the bridge (resulting in death after respawn) moved to a safer place Error message during intro removed (timing issue) Civilian should no longer be considered friendly by other sides (no more 'friendly fire' messages after killing a civilian)
  3. Last week
  4. The center

    I made it!
  5. F1 Season 17 Signup

    ● Steam Name: xSkiLLz26 ● Nationality: English ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? [Yes] ● Assists used: Racing Line and Maybe ABS ● Did you complete Season 16? [No] ● Speedtest result:
  6. Season 17 | Austria

    This thread is used to discuss incidents that happened in the race and you feel that the stewards should be involved with. If you were involved in an incident during the race, please comment on what happened below and explain what happened. If drivers have recorded the race, this aids in reaching a decision and the correct penalty (if applicable) can be applied. We ask that if you have nothing to contribute and were not involved in the incident, please refrain from posting.
  7. Round 9 - Austria 17/11/17

    In that case I guess I have to open an incident case against Sainz for changing to Renault. Might be a bit late to do it for Verstappen too though... Edit: Oh and of course I forgot myself last season. #livingabovetherules
  8. Round 9 - Austria 17/11/17

    You can not change cars during the season.
  9. Cheers stevie. Dangle want to jump into the bull?
  10. Round 9 - Austria 17/11/17

    not racing Friday im in Preston to watch Bolton win 5-0 from the freezing cold away end with a beer and a hot dog.. boom!
  11. Earlier

    I appreciate the issue with DLC and the messages you get. However my time as map maker is quite limited, so I’m unwilling to spend time to figure out whether equipment is DLC (and whether our active members all have it or not) instead of building maps that bring some variation to the table. Sorry for that.
  13. Round 9 - Austria 17/11/17

    Get your poo together @ramdrop
  14. Round 9 - Austria 17/11/17

    Pretty realistic. Hülkenberg 3 seconds faster than palmer.

    Civilian side has a belt from the Laws of war dlc. Rob and I got spammed with the dlc commercial.

    There is one respawn position on a bridge that will spawn under the bridge in the water. Needs to be fixed.
  17. FP1 - Monday 13th Nov at 7.30pm FP2 - Wednesday 15th Nov at 7.30pm FP3 - Friday 17th Nov at 6.30pm Qualifying starting at 7.30pm on Friday 17th Nov followed by the race Lobby Settings Weather: Dynamic Race Distance: 100% Damage: Full Parc Ferme: On Drivers not Attending
  18. F1 2001 League - Sign up

    Real Name: Brad Westgarth Nationality: British Car choice: Ferrari Contact Details (Twitter, Steam, Email etc.): N/A
  19. F1 2001 League - Sign up

    Welcome to the FOR F1 2001 rFactor Series! This league will be using the RMT F1 2001 Mod on rFactor. Mod Hotlap League Information: Race Day: Saturday Quali Start time: 7:00 PM GMT +1 Quali Type: Short qualifying (18 minutes). Race Length: 50% Race distance. Allowed Assists: Auto Gears. Available Cars Scuderia Ferrari - 1/2 McLaren Mercedes - 1/2 BMW Williams - 0/2 Benneton Renault Sport = 0/2 BAR Honda - 0/2 Jordan Honda - 0/2 Orange Arrows - 0/2 Red Bull Sauber - 0/2 Jaguar Racing - 0/2 Minardi - 0/2 Prost Acer - 0/2 Driver Sign Up Template: Real Name: Nationality: Car choice: Contact Details (Twitter, Steam, Email etc.):
  20. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    Have fun everyone.
  21. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    Just a reminder that we're going ahead with the above plan for tonight. Hope to see a few people there!
  22. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    oh well 7 races is fine aswell:P
  23. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    I'll probably race, if the Wlan in this Hotel is good enough
  24. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    sorry thought you said how many races!! haha 5 lap
  25. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    heh how are you planning to do that? :D
  26. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    probably 7 if its fun
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