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    A 4 way map on Tanoa in the town of Lijnhaven. Civilians now also get to play :)
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    In that case I guess I have to open an incident case against Sainz for changing to Renault. Might be a bit late to do it for Verstappen too though... Edit: Oh and of course I forgot myself last season. #livingabovetherules
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    I appreciate the issue with DLC and the messages you get. However my time as map maker is quite limited, so I’m unwilling to spend time to figure out whether equipment is DLC (and whether our active members all have it or not) instead of building maps that bring some variation to the table. Sorry for that.
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    There is one respawn position on a bridge that will spawn under the bridge in the water. Needs to be fixed.
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    Yes modern cars. The teams we are in at the moment. But simple 3 lap races. Maybe even reverse grid
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    i want to do some F1 so anything else decided then i will pass! wont be on my PC till friday so i will prob just mess around on time trial wish i was born the USA, sick of this weather, id love to move to Houston Texas if i had a choice
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    I will not be at the race on Friday due to an engagement party I am being forced to attend and regrettably I will have to comply.
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    Map update to v0.02: Changed all weapons to 6.5mm caliber Updated scripting to fully use load out (no more need to adapt randomrespawn.sqs to adapt weapons and grenades. All arranged in Eden editor now) Removed respawn marker that would let you respawn in the water every now and then
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    Your lucky to be in group 2. I was thinking Group 3 for you

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