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  1. In all fairness the attitude of a racing driver is to find the fastest possible line / way around the track. Real life drivers will cut and extend if they can and where they can. Look at monza and silverstone. Of course flying over corners to gain advantage is wrong but extending on power something real life drivers do.
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  2. Corner Cutting or Extending the track limits Corner cutting and extending the track limits is not allowed and will not be tolerated, you are expected to stay within the track boundaries with at least two tyres at all times. The white lines define the edge of the track, not by the edge of the kerbs. You can gain an advantage by corner cutting and this is not allowed. The game does administer penalties, but we have a system. If you overtake a car off of the track, you must give the position back, the game should tell you but if it doesn’t, you are expected to remain respectful of the rul
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  3. Fusion updated the Rules on Monday to account for this. I think we could be DSQing everyone that extended at turn 9 and 15 or else whats the point of the rule. Lets do it!!!
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