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  1. Still needs looking at after the last round we played on it.
  2. Wingman 1 nav lock: Locks navigation to wingman 1. The following phrases will trigger this command: nav lock to wingman 1 nav lock to wingman one nav lock to wingmate 1 nav lock to wingmate one wingman 1 nav lock wingman one nav lock wingmate 1 nav lock wingmate one nav lock
  3. Wingman 1 target: Selects the same target as wingman 1. The following phrases will trigger this command: lock wingman one's target lock wingmate one's target select wingman one's target select wingmate one's target Change the number to the wingman you want.
  4. Merry Xmas, hope to have a better year.
  5. Wow, yes we are still alive, we still play arma, always good to see old members pop by.
  6. It's almost like time delay and fragments bouncing of walls killing you.
  7. I like this map, one of your better ones.
  8. Those specs will do you fine, get Arma 3 asap so you can join us when we play on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  9. Fusion Squad is looking to adding some new drivers to it's line up, if your interested in joining us please sign up here We are looking for drivers that would be interested in doing Skip Barber races on a Friday Night.
  10. Remove all uniforms, and is it possible to make machine guns as default?
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