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  1. Nice map Andy. Two remarks: - East flag is very close to red circle - West respawn is very visible from East side This is my 1400th post
  2. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Striker!

  3. Guys, I heard yor plans concerning Apex from Andy. It's not necessary, but I really appreciate the gesture. Thing is, I'm getting a good insight now on where my finances stand, and there will be room for some R&R costs along the near future. So I'll be getting it pretty soon, most likely in maximum 3 weeks. On the side of the game last night: I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone by spawncamping. It wasn't intentional, I moved out as soon as I could. I was under a lot of direct fire as soon as I left our spawn with triple-nades, boobytraps, direct fire and Sniper fire and at a
  4. Is that the Space lane that needs the Earth to be destroyed from Hitchikers guide to the galaxy?
  5. I just found the planet that the Sisters of Mercy were singing about... Or, for the Dune connoisseurs: Planet Harkonnen
  6. And why the hell are the topic titles Americanized? Typical with all words being capitalised.
  7. Very nice of you Dave to pay for our trip to Barcelona! I'll bring you a magnet for on your fridge of Parc Güell :-)
  8. Would you agree that a ballerina is able to walk through the jungle without sinking away in the ground? http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zvsnvcw "The relationship between pressure, force and contact area is demonstrated. A Scorpion tank exerts a downward force of 80,000N whereas a ballerina exerts only 600N. Which exerts the greatest pressure on the ground? The tank, with its large tracks and greater surface area, exerts a pressure on the ground which is seventeen times less than the ballerina on one point." 'Nuff said.
  9. I like the map. Maybe briefly put a picture up of the enemy and friendly vehicle when the type changes to a new type. Also loose the Blufor AA tank. There could/should be alternatives, or there is a half-way switch for Blufor.
  10. Making little cutters? Like Eagles?
  11. Check this out. ISIS is looking for haulers. They sáy it's coffee, but... Screenshot_0013.bmp
  12. Adding the latest route: Route 3 Yimanbin - Mach City: Sell Tantalum, Buy Imperial Slaves Tetrian - Thanatos Minor: Sell Imperial Slaves, Buy Tantalum
  13. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Striker!

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