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  1. I'll team up with anyone as long as they dont mind being beaten
  2. ● Steam Name: Henno Garvie ● Nationality: English (just about) ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: Racing line ● Did you complete Season 20? No ● Speedtest result:
  3. Happy Birthday HennoGarvie!

  4. Happy Birthday HennoGarvie!

  5. Right below if you have any improvements for our casual race nights.
  6. Not sure if you can even enforce them on a server level at the moment.
  7. Not that I know of. With it being more casual racing in the way it's set up we will probably just allow all assists this time, after this race maybe we can discuss what assists should be allowed and what rules we should follow.
  8. You dont actually need that pack for this, that was for a planned mini season, we will be using vanilla Assetto Corsa.
  9. Date: Sunday 22nd February. Race time: 19:30 GMT Laps: 14 Track: Silverstone GP Circuit Car: BMW M3 GT2. Schedule: Practice starts at 18:45 GMT. Qualifying starts at 19:15 GMT. Race start 19:30 GMT. Please sign up below. This race will finish before 20:00 GMT. Henno Garvie SmurfN Golfnut MrPix Grandpoppydoo Sammc Snakey9400 Kundih
  10. Happy Birthday HennoGarvie!

  11. Done, Dave did it has I'm pretty much useless when it come to doing most things in life.
  12. Yes it does, but if we are mixed on practice - division 1 and division 2, it means the first two in the lobby get to choose the car, if that makes sense, but in the real race you will be in your proper car.
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