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  1. I randomly re subbed to iracing today. If folks are around i will come on next friday for a race
  2. Good to hear. Nice to get more people racing. 12 would be great.
  3. I feel it, Love it and embrace it. #omega for Williams.
  4. We heard anything from the guy that signed up but couldn't join until August.
  5. Cant wait. I will be here for the practice sessions. I should be here for the race but I could get back from work late.
  6. People are so desperate not to lose a place. That first one was great.
  7. F1® 2019 – Patch Notes F1® 2019 PATCH NOTES – v1.04 Patch 1.04 is out now on Steam, with this coming to PS4 and Xbox later, subject to first party approval. You can find the patch notes below: v1.04 Fixed a crash seen with an Nvidia 970 graphics card running the DX12 executable. Fixed an issue that could cause frame rate to be lower than expected during game play after viewing multiple eras in the Showroom Numerous other stability fixes We are continuing to track down and fix more bugs and we’ll have more information abou
  8. https://gyazo.com/c492801a2ab03a6f7c92f947f3e463be Super close, Westy, Washel and Capeta.
  9. It's all about team Forbidden Fruits this season. We may not win on track but we win in the hearts and minds of our members. Nice bulge. Plus we are style icons.
  10. Team mate : @Leader @leader2011 @FusionFather Team name: Forbidden Fruits. Car choice: What ever he wants.
  11. We have done a lot of 100% races on the bounce. Maybe sprints may be fun
  12. When the game comes out. On that Friday do people fancy doing 3 lap, random grid sprints. Every track on the calendar. If we do multiplayer championship we can crown our sprint champ hahaha. Might be a laugh, nothing serious.
  13. This is the best F1 video (fan made) that I have seen.
  14. cheers. I got it for free when you told me. Keep posting stuff if you notice its free bud
  15. If I can't fix my pedals then I will miss this one.
  16. Name: Foggy From: UK Read the rules: Yes Assists: Anything I can use I did compete in season 20 Cant do ping test as I'm at work. More performance please.
  17. Just like Brexit, no deal. Depending on what happens in the future i might be able to get it off but not this one.
  18. I am working this Friday. Although someone canceled tomorrow so am going to try and swap for it. It's doubtful
  19. @dr_waschl I think this could be a close season, Some races you will be strong others not. Its a shame but I can understand your frustration.
  20. I got them. I got everyone laps as well. to see every screenshot someone posts. On steam click your name, select activity. You will see everyone on your friends lists latest's achievements, posts and screenshots taken. here is a gif of how to do it https://gyazo.com/974102ad4c07cea1199bfeae95c4f51e
  21. @dr_waschl Whats the issue bud? you just not having fun?
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