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  1. im not buying it till january. if i buy it now i will want to play it and i have loads of stuff to do. house needs finishing, exams to pass and i am getting married next year so its busy busy busy.
  2. this could be the best constructors battle in fusion history! il keep my eye on the results
  3. Steam Name: StevieP Nationality: English Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? [Yes] Assists used: None Did you complete Season 17? up until my extension being built (November) i will post my speed test when i get my internet re installed in the new gaming room. its 78 DOWN & 18 UP
  4. not racing Friday im in Preston to watch Bolton win 5-0 from the freezing cold away end with a beer and a hot dog.. boom!
  5. sorry thought you said how many races!! haha 5 lap
  6. i want to do some F1 so anything else decided then i will pass! wont be on my PC till friday so i will prob just mess around on time trial wish i was born the USA, sick of this weather, id love to move to Houston Texas if i had a choice
  7. 50/50 again due to stuff going on at home. If I can't practice I will record a spectator episode
  8. wont be racing this week. i have a lot of work to do at home with my extension going up
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