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  1. im not buying it till january. if i buy it now i will want to play it and i have loads of stuff to do. house needs finishing, exams to pass and i am getting married next year so its busy busy busy.
  2. this could be the best constructors battle in fusion history! il keep my eye on the results
  3. Steam Name: StevieP Nationality: English Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? [Yes] Assists used: None Did you complete Season 17? up until my extension being built (November) i will post my speed test when i get my internet re installed in the new gaming room. its 78 DOWN & 18 UP
  4. not racing Friday im in Preston to watch Bolton win 5-0 from the freezing cold away end with a beer and a hot dog.. boom!
  5. sorry thought you said how many races!! haha 5 lap
  6. i want to do some F1 so anything else decided then i will pass! wont be on my PC till friday so i will prob just mess around on time trial wish i was born the USA, sick of this weather, id love to move to Houston Texas if i had a choice
  7. 50/50 again due to stuff going on at home. If I can't practice I will record a spectator episode
  8. wont be racing this week. i have a lot of work to do at home with my extension going up
  9. i know mate :-) looking at your log though.. i apologised to pops near the top, isnt that racing verbal?
  10. serious note though.. i do talk to much so i will take the warning.
  11. haha not any more no. scared of getting detention
  12. HAHA JUST READ THAT TXT FILE! you need a 9-5 mate keep you busy
  13. bloody hell westyy you jobsworth lol! do you want us to put our hands up when we need the toilet as well?
  14. il think about it, could be a laugh, not racing though, dont like classic cars
  15. its a joke he didnt get punished for that. not only is it cheating but he coz of injured someone
  16. ha! just seen this post sorry i never responded earlier. on one hand i dont feel i did anything wrong now or at the time. i think you was very eager to pass based on the fact i am a tail ender so no respect was given, you just wanted to barge me out the way as quick as possible. secondly.. i made a few errors in my setup and my car was like a transit van in the corners and the straights so i was struggling to keep control on worn tyres. final say... sorry if my decision making was late i still haven't sorted my mirror view settings yet so i see drivers later
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