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  1. ● Steam Name: ram ● Nationality: english ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? yes ● Assists used: none ● Did you complete Season 20? partly
  2. Steam Name: ram ● Nationality: uk ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: None ● Did you complete Season 19? Yes ● Do you want to sign up for the Assist League (TC/ABS allowed)? No ● Speedtest result:
  3. I will be streaming live: http://www.twitch.tv/ramdropje
  4. Sorry I didn't have the video available, I've been offline this afternoon otherwise I would have asked for it - I just spotted it and from 2017 you didn't always serve the penalty, so its good they've fixed it this year. As for the 'effort' I put into this, it consisted of me playing Elite whilst having highlights videos running on my phone and also updating stats for the league.
  5. Update to the standings. @morturiom has had 5 seconds added to his overall race time for not serving a penalty he received during the race. The evidence is here. On the final results screenshot, Mortuirom has only received 6 seconds worth of penalties, however, the 5 seconds stop and go penalty has not been applied and needs to be. So by adding 5 seconds to the race time, he now drops back behind @westyy who claims P4.
  6. @JiinX - 66 is taken by Grandpoppydoo. You won't be able to use real life numbers within the game when driving, i.e. my original number was 31 which Ocon now uses. As I am driving with number 1, I can't use this. Need numbers from @TeeODoubleG@Z3R0mikey@ArminvB@Taibreach@Dinharder
  7. I think your point 2) is what happened, in real life you are correct, nobody gets a penalty because they slow down (if they haven't died) and then normal service is resumed, however, we use the game rules where possible, so if the win is not the issue, I will stay with what Omega said
  8. Following on from the other stewards, I have too looked at this. It's clear to me that Rexxy missed his braking point and as a result cut the chicane and gained a huge advantage in overtaking another car to do so, he was awarded by the game with a 10s penalty as a result. Had he carried on, I'm sure further repercussions would be been incurred but he waited for Smu3l3y to re-pass him, losing more time as Smu3l3y had to take avoiding action. The fact that this 10s denies Rexxy a win where he managed, through strategy, to get to the front of Division 2 - this cannot go unnoticed, whils
  9. So the inevitable question, whos doing what team and eveyrthing. Depending on the performance of each team, I am currently looking at Sauber/McLaren, looking for the later midfield battle, however, I feel Sauber will be too high. I plan on recording my results because it would be nice to see, so if anybody wants to take part, send quali and race screens and then I can incorporate them into a mega sheet
  10. Steam Name: rampij ● Nationality: English ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: Jeff. ● Did you complete Season 18? Yep ● Speedtest result: (on the laptop, PC wired connection is much better.)
  11. This is getting out of hand quite quickly. Rexxy has looked at the incident and handed out the penalty, at the end of the day its the car behinds job to not make contact, you can't predict what is going to happen ahead of you. I recall the incident in iRacing last weekend when 2 lapped cars spun in front of me and I t-boned one. Smu3l3y lost the car, quite understandably and through his tight line collected Leader, different views from both, but you can't judge either from a single POV. Take the penalty on the chin this time Smu3l3y, I've taken my share of penalties on the chin,
  12. Armin will be missing this week.
  13. I play every now and then
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