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  1. The league committee has decided to allow Medium Traction Control to be used at all events during Season 21 and beyond.
  2. I plan to hold a fun race this Friday to get some practice and have some fun racing with anyone who can attend. The sessions will be as follows: FP1 - Monday 1st July at 7.30pm FP2 - Wednesday 3rd July at 7.30pm FP3 - Friday 5th July at 6.30pm Qualifying starts at 7.30pm on Friday 5th July followed by the race Lobby Settings Weather: Clear Race Distance: 100% Damage: Full Parc Ferme: On Equal cars Short qualifying
  3. None of it counts when I'm not there.
  4. Team mate: @ramdrop Car choice: 1st: Ferrari 2nd: McLaren
  5. The calendar for Season 21 of the Formula FUSION league on F1 2019 is as follows: Please speak to a committee member with any queries surrounding the calendar. July 26th: Australian Grand Prix August 2nd: Bahrain Grand Prix August 9th: Chinese Grand Prix August 16th: Azerbaijan Grand Prix August 23rd: Spanish Grand Prix August 30th: Break Week September 6th: Monaco Grand Prix September 13th: Canadian Grand Prix September 20th: French Grand Prix September 27th: Austrian Grand Prix October 4th: British Grand Prix
  6. ● Steam Name: OmegaIV ● Nationality: English ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: None ● Did you complete Season 20? Yes ● Speedtest result:
  7. With the surprise announcement that F1 2019 will be released sometime in June this year, we have elected to shorten Season 20 to 13 races in order for us to switch focus to the new game as quickly as possible. We hope you understand this decision; we feel this was the consensus among all members.
  8. The race results have been re-amended to place @morturiom back in fourth place.
  9. The end of Season 18 is nearly upon us and as Season 19, and a new era of car, approaches, Omega Sports F1 has the latest news from the driver market! What better place to start this edition of Paddock Rumours than with the newly crowned champion Jason 'Ramdrop' Dyer? It is no secret that he is on the radar of many of the top teams within Formula FUSION, but which of these many lucrative offers has he selected? The latest, and perhaps most shocking news, is that Dyer has indeed signed for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, with a clause in his contract that has allowed him to bring his friend
  10. Having looked at this incident, it has been decided that Rexxy's 10 second penalty will be halved to 5 seconds. This is because, in the past, Fusion has not removed penalties that were caused by mistakes, however we are able to see that Rexxy clearly didn't cut the chicane intentionally and slowed back down to allow Smu3l3y through again. Therefore, we feel that half of the penalty should be removed as Rexxy showed the initiative to allow the other driver back through, despite making a mistake himself.
  11. Hi, I've added you on Steam so I can tell you a bit more about the league. Welcome! ?
  12. Welcome to the league! ? I've added you on Steam so I can tell you a bit more about the league. And you can still compete without attending practice sessions, that's no issue.
  13. Hi there - thanks for signing up to the league! I've added you on Steam, if you can accept me we can speak on there. Thanks.
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