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  1. If anyone wants to be my Teammate and doesn't care that I won't be able to race in races 2-4 or so, and is high enough in the order to secure us Sauber, I'm your man.
  2. Fine, I'm in. Not gonna be able to race all races due to University but I'll do what I can.
  3. I think it's a completely new game, not just an xBox conversion. And it visually looks absolutely stunning imo. Sadly I don't even have time for Truck Simulator so flying for hours could get even harder 😛
  4. After looking at the incident we came to the following conclusion: After both cars were nearly side by side at the start of the straight, Westyy started to gain an advantage when they came closer to T1. It isn't fully visible on the footage but we have to assume that at the turn in point @westyy has not cleared @smu3l3y yet and their rear / front wheel are more or less aligned. That means both have the right to maintain this formation throughout the corner. Now the incident happens because Smu3l3y runs out of room at the apex and touches Westyy's rear. If Smu3l3y had turned in a bit earlier that would not have happened. I think all of us are aware that we're all not professional racing drivers though, so to miss the apex by a couple inches, like Smu3l3y did, happens. Leader and I think that everyone knows about the risk going with two cars into that corner. Westyy definitely gave enough room in this case, so he isn't to blame, but it took just a minor mistake from Smu3l3y at that point to make the whole thing go wrong. Therefor we give Smu3l3y a warning for incautious driving.
  5. Still Swiss, still understanding the rules, probably gonna use the line as I can't be asked to practice a lot, pretty much completed S19, not that anyone would care though. I'm in as always, or at least for some races as the ETH has more priority right now.
  6. Yeah obviously we can only make judgements from the footage we got, in this case only a 3rd person view...
  7. After looking into the incident the stewards came to the conclusion to give @morturiom 3 Penalty points and a verbal warning. Morti was at fault in our opinion. We decided not to give a quali ban though because it seems like the game just threw Oscar into the wall with a force that seems a bit out of relation to the impact. These points stay for a season, so if he gets 2 more points before Monza next season that would be a qualy ban. Thanks and Peace out. - Rexxy & da boy Westyy
  8. The stewards have noted the incident and will look into it. @morturiom Your view on this would be greatly appreciated too. Also If anyone has some more footage of the incident that'd be great.
  9. @Leader In order for the video to say anything it should be there at least 😄
  10. I guess you're right, we didn't ask you about your view. I guess after we quickly talked about it after the race we assumed to know your pov. Obviously we should give you a chance to elaborate on that too though. Now to the incident: This is the point of contact (+/- 2-3 frames). I don't think Smu3l3y is too far to the inside here. His car is pointing slightly inwards but imo in a way you would be even if there's a car on the inside. Now considering we don't have your view, we can only assume you drove normally (I think that makes sense). So you had a better exit out of the corner before and ended up side by side into this corner. Now Smu3l3y takes the wide line, you the tight one and after the corner you just slightly touch and Smu3l3y spins off. The corner is badly off camber which makes it really hard to battle in but as you didn't divebomb Smu3l3y (just went for the move as it had already begun before the corner) I don't see any reason to why you should be punished.
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