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  1. Round 9 - Austria 17/11/17

    Get your poo together @ramdrop
  2. F1 2001 League - Sign up

    Real Name: Brad Westgarth Nationality: British Car choice: Ferrari Contact Details (Twitter, Steam, Email etc.): N/A
  3. F1 2001 League - Sign up

    Welcome to the FOR F1 2001 rFactor Series! This league will be using the RMT F1 2001 Mod on rFactor. Mod Hotlap League Information: Race Day: Saturday Quali Start time: 7:00 PM GMT +1 Quali Type: Short qualifying (18 minutes). Race Length: 50% Race distance. Allowed Assists: Auto Gears. Available Cars Scuderia Ferrari - 1/2 McLaren Mercedes - 1/2 BMW Williams - 0/2 Benneton Renault Sport = 0/2 BAR Honda - 0/2 Jordan Honda - 0/2 Orange Arrows - 0/2 Red Bull Sauber - 0/2 Jaguar Racing - 0/2 Minardi - 0/2 Prost Acer - 0/2 Driver Sign Up Template: Real Name: Nationality: Car choice: Contact Details (Twitter, Steam, Email etc.):
  4. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    We'll be doing what foggy suggested on this Friday. 3-5 lap races :P.
  5. Fun week suggestions/ideas

    PUBG idea sounds fun. but maybe every man for them self :P, but this is only possible if you're partnered with them. Maybe they'll make it available to all in the future.
  6. As our recent break week idea hasn't gone to plan we need to come up with a new way of doing so. As it is a break week, obviously there will be less people and its fully understandable for those who don't turn up. But for those who do, maybe post with an idea. Current ideas are; Assetto Corsa Project Cars 2 Classic F1 cars (f1 2017) Older F1 games (eg; F1 2013). Project Cars
  7. I believe it does, especially when it's a wet race
  8. My guess is, formation lap will be back
  9. Season 17 | Spain

    Yes, it was. But there's parts that wasn't. It happens with multiple people, maybe I should of warned everyone rather than the main people here.
  10. Round 6 - Monaco 20/10/17

    Just a remind that @thydney1970 Has a race ban this week and won't be attending this race.
  11. Season 17 | Spain

    Wasn't aimed at you personally Stevie, I'm just acting upon the rules and I do agree with Rexy. It's distracting when people talk.
  12. Season 17 | Spain

    I'm pre busy when I feel like it, mainly because I'm self employed and work on my own behalf.
  13. Season 17 | Spain

    Depends :P, would you be eating KFC there too? lol
  14. Season 17 | Spain

    I've taken a look at this and have came up with a small transcript which can be seen in the file attached below. as this is the 1st major time it's been reported on this will mean a warning for the main culprits @mort, @smueley, @Steviep, @Kundih And that we ask in future for everyone to keep talking to a minimal as stated in the rules. fs-ts.txt
  15. Season 17 | Spain

    INFORMATION: I will be giving thydney a race ban for the next race at Monaco for deliberately crashing out of the race.

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