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  1. ● Steam Name: Morturiom ● Nationality: Dutch ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: None. ● Did you complete Season 20? Not really... would like to add that i probably won't attend that many races.
  2. here is a little nice bit of history for the die hards which already happend 10 years ago. Just remember fellow Fusion members, Never lie too the stewerds. ?
  3. well i'm back one more time too review an incident and share my view. [i did not record sadly because of stuttering issues] well, its pretty similar. we where going side by side obviously for a few corners, i saw ArminvB went a bit deep and at the time thought he was gonna go off so that is why i took the racing line and did not leave him the space. now clearly i made a big miscalculation, probably the biggest one so far even though if you look at the video from leader you can see that i nearly got it right because my rear left hit his front left. but admit this one was totally my fault [
  4. i just wonder, what if you don't follow one or more of those rules? what kind of penalty would that be?
  5. here is the 5 sec penalty i served at my pitstop so the results are not rong... also i find it very suprising how mutch afford you put in into trying to get other people penalty's while you don't even gain anything from it, you did the same in silverstone. what's the point?
  6. #Hype For another game with as manny new features as bugs
  7. Me and OmegaIV would like to pick the Ferrari
  8. ah so we are back to all the S17 teams? xD
  9. yeah but nobody has seen you sign the contract yet. apart from my very reliable source who have told me the contract with smully is already a done deal
  10. good story but you got it rong big time there about ram his teammate. i have heard from my very reliable source that smully has already signed a contract, which means he will be teammates with the 6 time FUSION champion Jason 'Ramdrop' Dyer.
  11. can my vote go to smully instead? EDIT: Also Dr.Waschl
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