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  1. Will we post an official performance list/comparison? Also slower drivers judged by final results of season 19? I think dividing their points by number of races attended would be a better representation then taking straight reverse order results.
  2. schedule change for work once again this year so ill be missing out on a good amount of the remaining. Can confirm miss in Singapore but looks like ill be there for Russia next week.
  3. The Ferrari garage is in non-stop party mode after this news breaks
  4. I wont be posting a highlights video for this race because of the quality of the recording. Its plagued with inconsistent fame dropping due to me messing with settings and ways to fix the lag problem during league racing that's mired mine and Morty's races. Moreover, the first video is to show the impact the lag is having on my lap times and "safe driving". The more nuanced reason I show this is to try and convey how lag, especially in racing games, can throw you out of your concentration and you can be at a greater risk of missing a breaking point or judging something in a spl
  5. Steam Name: Z3mikey Age: 30 Nationality: American Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes Assists used: None Did you complete Season 18? 1/2 Speedtest result:
  6. Gotta put in some overtime at work. Can't make this race.
  7. ?oh no Hass has really taken a blow to their team this week. Hopefully I dont pull a Grosjean and throw myself into a wall
  8. So are languages that you would find in middle earth Seriously though @gostef its not a hard switch over from the assists. I started last season relying on them and it just takes some getting used to but it's way more enjoyable now.
  9. let us know how it was because it looks really lame.
  10. Doesn't look like it would be fun or any immersion added to next years game if the cockpit view forces an extra 25% of the screen gone
  11. ● Steam Name: Z3mikey ● Nationality: American ● Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: ABS ● Did you complete Season 17? Partial ● Speedtest result:
  12. Yep. Changed into a temporary position at work for the next 6 weeks or so, which makes my day off (normally is Fri) varied. Still love the game F1 and should be good to go for next season. Thanks for the help in this season and good luck in these last few races.
  13. Flavored condom and lube for when his boy toy comes over
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