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  1. Wish you all had a lovely christmas and happy new year. Hope your all well
  2. Ye will do probably be around december. I dont get why only certain games aint on steam so need a blizzard account now too thought by now everything would be on one app 😭
  3. I still think this game is awesome and glad they haven't rushed to release number 6. As i think new versions should be after 2 years not yearly like CoD for money grabbing. I would rather buy eg Fifa then buy yearly updates makes more sense.
  4. hey all, Hopefully some may recall who i am, was in Platoon many years ago as Capone/Kerry. Also was in a few other clans prior and after eg BRITS, GGX, SA, MAFIA, UKA. Anyways since operation flashpoint i have come off PC gaming and looking to get back after a 15 year break. Currently on ps4 but in discussions about building a pc. I dont have room for a.desk to his gonna be plugged into my lg 4k "50" tv. And yes im still gonna use a controller for normal games and eventually get a wheelstand pro with a wheel eventually. Whats a good pc setup to build i was looking at
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