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  1. A TDM map on Livonia, a green area with low buildings. Map has been updated to v0.03: Floating BMP wreck fixed Airplane wreck moved Ladder removed Accessible windows smashed for buildings around the flag
  2. Map updated to v0.03: Resistance now also has GPS (and thus minimap) Binoculars added (as it's a large area)
  3. Funky stuff happening with the shotguns, I'll consider changing the weapon to SMG or bolt action rifle.
  4. I've updated the map further to v1.2: same unit for each slot (so the slot #2 bias should really be over) exchanged the pistols with assault rifles instead
  5. TDM on the island of Tanoa
  6. Map has been updated to v0.03, blocking windows overlooking the flag area.
  7. TDM set on Malden, shotguns, civilian clothing and handgrenades. Due to the limited carrying capability of the civilian outfits, ammo crates are available to reammo. Crates are indicated by markers on the map.
  8. Why? Nothing a good grenade throw can't fix...
  9. Updated Celery's map a bit to v1.1: All slots now have identical uniforms (and thus no more ballistic protection). Slot 3 no longer should give god mode abilities Modified the ammo for the Zafir so you can actually shoot some bullets with it Open items to change: Make the loadout parameter work Different island(s)
  10. Updated to v0.03: Increased camera height for intro Changed ammo for VIP from pellets to slugs Moved a few objects for better placement
  11. A VIP map (inspired by a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 map) on a carrier.
  12. C&H Metal Rain was a map made for Arma 1, not for OFP. It was inspired by C&H Sector Wars from OFP.
  13. Map has been updated, both BLUFOR and OPFOR share the same vehicles, since finding vehicles with similar characteristics on both sides is impossible. Vehicles on BLUFOR side will receive a bright green color with a US flag on the antenna, on OPFOR side a dark brown color with a red flag.
  14. A map on the island of Livonia, in a town with a similar feel to the ghost towns on OFP's Kolgujev.
  15. I realise that there already was a map with this name, given the thread on these forums, but I can't find the map on the server anywhere. So here goes a straight forward TDM map in the town of Le Port.
  16. Map updated to v0.02: Removed truck from church Updated a few spawn points
  17. A simple TDM on the island of Malden, in La Trinite To do: Check respawn points.
  18. Map updated to v0.03: More respawn points moved outside buildings (preventing spawning on roof tops)
  19. VIP map in the town of La Trinite on Malden. No option to steal the car...
  20. A TDM on the island of Tanoa. No high rises, relatively open area. Map updated to v0.02: Fences around the flag area reinforced Some respawn points moved outside buildings (preventing spawning on roof tops)
  21. Map has been updated to v0.04: Updated scripting to latest version, effectively removing the flagrunner marker Added sand storm effects for additional cover Changed uniforms to balance out protection
  22. TDM on a market square in Georgetown
  23. Map updated to v0.02: Added a building at each side for cover between respawn and flag bunker.
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