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  1. Happy Birthday platoon_spare!

  2. Happy Birthday platoon_spare!

  3. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Spare!

  4. I thought you were away for the time being Eric? and i thought you had also signed up as well tbh ? Jud didnt play till the end , not even half way infact and hes playing more bf3 these days, infamous wasnt there at wargames at all , cornish hasnt been around much anyway for a while at fusion , rob always joins fusion just after, I came over later on ,no one was on at all. so that leaves freebird pix stricker Asacri pork Bacon Big G Leader Hitman ? Jud With these number we are not going to be playing any of the larger maps much anymore,
  5. Foxhound from armaholics rejoins the BATTLE, All we need now is Big G to come back.
  6. Well to put it into perspective last battle i dont think i kllled more than 4 ppl all AT tank action... spent alot of time with a pistol and two rockets sitting in a wood waiting for their tank to roll by, as it did, and died , so i know what you mean Jud. Well its never been BF3 and its not skirmish type of game. The squads are going to re organised now so klf3 will be mixed with klf2 . My 15 kills were all in the bunker by the way ;-) just happened to be the only one there as they poored in , theres somthing silent and deadly about that machine pistol that they just c
  7. A WIN :-) Out numbered by 6 ppl , & i got 15 kills with a machine pistol, cqb style
  8. opps typo............ u gerbal lol ........... yer will try too get hold of him
  9. well good news a fusion member is now promoted to Gereral of the KLF Army WELL DONE CORNISH
  10. I think Juds got a point, but its at the start of something new, without the rubbish , think we need to give the guys some time to work on maps etc . This is the island from cf and the exact same map ,so i suppose we cant expect anything else tbh , this time i dont think were going to be in the bunker area ,but in woods stopping advance thru , got a feeling were going to be out numbered this time again so it less charging around and trying to hold tthem back. Lets let it get of the ground before killing it.
  11. ok thnx... Colin , Andy , hope u will be able to join us later on colin ... work come first ;-)..... Andy and u maybe later on but we need to cull our number to receive new recruits for now. Jud are you around sunday ? were on the very front line again and were only in maybe 4 .... gonna be like the woods of bastogne dug in and over run on all sides .... now here's a job for leader , have tent ,will camp lol
  12. The scrims have finished and we start the first battle in Armwargames this sunday at 18.00 On a serious note we need to know if your gona turn up or not and on time as the tactics dont make any sense otherwise. Last sunday point Infamous Jud myself killgore turned up As players who dont show effect how we are assigned random new recruits because our army number exceeds the number of the apposing army and all new recriuts go there way,then on battle ppl dont turn up (well on our side it seems) and we were 7 ppl down last week with the follo
  13. Andy will u be around early ? colin are you also here sunday Eric ,do i need to drop you from the roster? Also "Point" from ic days has rejoined, so another KLF3 squad member.
  14. Rob I assume your [KSDF]2.Pvt.Rob before we change u over i need you to remove these tags in your forum setting , then wargamer will assign you to our side , this is to avoid and complaints , can you do it before sundays scrim pls or even tonight, Upto you but maybe use oldboy ?
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