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  1. Hoooah, Actually quite the opposite. Lost 25kgs. After my tendon surgery in 2012 I put on weight and raised the bar on the balance up to 115kgs....my friends started calling me Barry White. I decided to do something against it...and tadaa. Went down to 84kgs (way too light for me) and now stablized at 90 :-). Sorry for sharing. You forced me into it boss :-P. G.
  2. Hoooah! HNY to you all guys. Hope you'll see more of me in 2017 than in the last 2-3 years! G.
  3. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Godfather!

  4. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Godfather!

  5. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Godfather!

  6. Happy Birthday [FUSION] Godfather!

  7. Hooooah, Hi Dex! Good to see you're still around! Hope to shoot you again very soon! G.
  8. Hoooah, Anyone having the cfg skeleton error? G.
  9. Hoooah, I'm using the cheap Alpha :-) G.
  10. Hooah, See below link: http://www.arma3.com/news/plans-for-arma3-in-2013 G.
  11. Hoooah, Funny thing is that the two games we had before (sector controls) went fine. Probably, as Rob mentioned, a script issue. Would be fun to host such a thing on our server as well, using C&H model, at least to have a big size game for a change. G.
  12. Hooah, Noob question but given their requirements, can we enter with our -mod=@fusion setting or should we (i) remove it (ii) set something else? G.
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