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  1. Ramdrop, I said I would not come back to this forum, but saw you posted, so did anyway. I know you did not do this to gain advantage and I also know you had 2 shitty races. I'm too pedantic on rules and I'm in the wrong place in the FOR league, it does not suit me well at all. I will drop so that I don't get vexed the next time I see what comes over as hypocrisy. It's not fair that you should lose out because of a 'new member' of the league that has not contributed as you have. As for comments prior to the race, I did not understand that you had changed your car for the races, I
  2. Dave, 1. Glad to hear it. 2. easy mistake for you to make, understand. 3. rules are rules. they are irrespective of onions or opinons 4. you told me after the race, that Ramdrop had told you (I assume only you as it was not posted anywhere) that he had swapped cars to give him self a challenge. 5. it feels like a bit of a bashing... that's my onion! 6. any member of the committee that recognises that a rule has been breached. I'm done! No need to reply, I won't be back on the forums as discussion in a 'Driver penalty' forum is obviously not for me.
  3. I can't punish anyone. DSQ or any other fitting penalty should be considered by the committee, it's not for me to decide how to set the example for the event that occurred. I agree however, that it may be deemed that DSQ be too harsh for a committee member. In response to the comment on 'the mixture of cars on track'. He was the only one in an BMW M3 GT the race before, he was the only one in a Bentley for these 2 races. The reason does not stand up at all. It's the complete lack of respect for the rules that is the real problem here. There are rules and if they are ignored then ther
  4. I refer to the statements by the committee that there will be no changes to rules once the season starts. It is clear that if the rule has not changed, then it has been breached. I don't care whether an advantage was gained or not, it's the principle that the committee or any other member of the league can breach a ruling without consultation, agreement or announcement to those others involved. If you don't penalise breaches of rules then this is not a league that stands by it's statements and rules, an example has to be set to deter others, committee members or not, from breaking rules.
  5. http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/topic/4294-season-1-car-selection/ "You can change your car right up until the Monday of the first race week. This will allow you plenty of time to test the cars before you make a confirmed decision." http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/topic/4294-season-1-car-selection/?p=33824 "We have allowed drivers to change their car right up until the first race night. Once the race starts and the car you start the race in will be your car for the rest of the season." http://www.fusion-squad.eu/forum/topic/4258-fusion-online-racing-gt3-league-information-seaso
  6. Gamer tag: MrPix Nationality: English Assists Used: None Device Input: Wheel Do I understand and accept rules?: Yes
  7. car with wings will do me
  8. No action should be taken after a race has started... that precedent was clear during the first race. This should remain the rule, otherwise the first race needs to be raced again under the new ruling to make it fair to those whose race was terminated through no fault of theirs or the other racers.
  9. Not fair. The only reason I did not finish was the server's fault and I am being excluded because of that?
  10. Really need to sort the server lag out! stuck behind Rexxy, StevieP and Leader for 4 laps, could not get past, big 2000ms lag spikes on almost all laps. weeks worth of practice wasted! Car written off by the last lag spike, 3 wheels on the car and the steering broken, could not even drive to the pits. Thought it best to vent here rather than on TS
  11. good find and well done on the resolution. I'm sure Dave can update all the maps in his spare time p.s. your signature banner looks awful, the text is all spidery.
  12. " times where player cuts any corners will not count " so why are you posting this here again?
  13. MrPix United Kingdom None 900° Wheel
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