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  1. Vettel has changed the colour of his hair?
  2. Why would I ask you to do it frequently?
  3. Thanks for starting later Div2
  4. Hi, I'll be working till 8 this Friday - Is there any chance Div2 can start at 9 to give me enough time to get home to compete? I know we did it once in the past so if people are kind enough maybe we can do it again? Thanks,
  5. Infamous

    Help Needed.

    What is more important than the notebook?
  6. Infamous

    Broken Arm

    Working for the benefits agency Henno?
  7. I don't have permissions, trademark, licensing ... Would'nt want to get in any trouble
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/ http://imgur.com/
  9. More info needed on what would happen to those not in the top 16, where would new drivers go? When would this secondary race take place? Why can't it take place at the same time as the top 16, similar to it does now? Bearing in mind FUSION play other games different days so would have to avoid clashes with other events.
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