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  1. How much money you want me to spend for you?
  2. Also check asus website for driver updates for the sound card
  3. The same thing as it was on your D2 GX...In your asus control panel under the volume slider in speaker settings
  4. If you're still on a asus sound card jud switch off GX and try it
  5. Did I get bored for that reason? did I even get bored? You made a thread for Suggestions and Ideas, well you got mine, you dont need to debate it for (I swore, I am a bad person) sakes and come up with some silly theory you know nothing about.
  6. Is it to blame for that? I could tell you a cold hard truth but I doubt you could handle it.
  7. I've changed things over now that I'm general...Its taken afew days to get afew things orginised, I know your playing style...and tactics we imploy in future may suit you a bit better with the squad you're now in.
  8. Foxhound at armaholics is a good target to get back if everyone PMs him over there he may come back
  9. Whats a Gereral??? ... Sounds like a females private parts problem,lol
  10. Voice your opinions then and give me some support on getting back IC,lol
  11. I dont see a pay to pick page up yet...So youll either have to join their TS right now to have a word with Conroy or wargamer about going randomly onto Opfor,lol TS address: password: echo
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