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How To Become A New Fusion Member!

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Welcome to our website!

Maybe you're looking for an Armed Assault squad to join? Well, we're looking for new members, so the first step was already made.

First we'll tell you something about our squad (clan), and then we hope you could tell us somewhat of yourself, below.

FUSION is a merger between two Squads: Platoon and Geeks With Guns (GWG). Both Squads already had a rich history, with Platoon going back to the CC4 days (1998), and GWG being there from the start of Operation Flashpoint (2002). The majority of the members is English and/or Dutch speaking, English being the language used during gaming.

Currently FUSION is not active in any leagues. We play mainly TDM, DM, CTF, C&H and Combi maps (a combination of CTF and C&H, created by one of Platoon's former members). We have regular training days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, starting roughly at 20:00 BST/21:00 CET, and lasting until the last man falls asleep behind the keyboard.


What has FUSION to offer a new recruit?

  • We have our own high performance server, on a direct 100 Mbps link to the Internet backbone, so excellent connectivity
  • A group of relaxed and mature friends, with a focus on fun, and a bias for improvement and winning
  • Well organised outfit

What do we feel you should bring?

  • A relaxed and mature attitude
  • Dependability
  • A teamplayer. FUSION does not believe in ranks, everybody is of equal importance and value to us.
  • A PC and internet connection suitable for Armed Assault MP games

What do we need to know of you in case you fill in a form below?

  • Name
  • Age (usually a minimum of 18)
  • Country where you live (city is OK too, but not necessary). Has to be in Western Europe due to timezone differences
  • Your native language (apart from that you should be proficient with English
  • e-mail, WhatsApp and/or Discord (at least one) so we can contact you.
  • Optionally your nickname, experience with Armed Assault and/or other Squads and/or Leagues
  • Where did you hear of us?

We'll contact you and work out the details then ;)


HitmanFF and Leader XO's of FUSION

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