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FDF Podagorsk

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Author: Goeth

Author Website: http://www.fdfmod.org


Requirements: No addons required


Version: 1.1

Signed: Serverkey available



Taken from the excellent FDF MOD this island has a very Eastern European feel to it. Different from Chernarus island it has numerous locations for good FUSION maps whether they be CQB or Largescale Combi Maps. I've spent a few hours travelling around in my trust MI24D and it looks and feels fresh which I think is important for the MOD. The youtube video whilst good, does'nt give a feel for the island so I recommend downloading it and checking it out yourself. :)




- New terrain to ArmA II.

- 6 cities/villages

- River.

- Lakes.

- Railroads.

- About 600000 objects.

- Custom ground textures.

- More dispersed and lower grass clutters.


Included .pbo files:








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Have you checked the FPS yet Infamous.




Getting 75 in dense woodland, and 45 in urban areas. Performance will not be an issue as I believe I have one of the weaker PC's in the clan and it runs smoothly for myself.


Few photos included ...


Posted Image





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