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To make decisions (as well as suggestions) for new addons a bit easier, I'd like to come to some set of requirements that FUSION pack addons should adhere to. Somehing along the lines of this

  • Stability: Addons shouldn't make the game crash, nor make maps unplayable/generate error messages due to bad configs or models
  • Balance: Addons should fit with the existing set of addons (both BIS vanilla units and added stuff). E.g. weapons that are too accurate or firing with too high dispersion, unkillable vehicles etc. aren't to be used
  • Compatibility: The current addons are contemporary mostly, 1970s onwards. The T34, T55, BTR40 and V3S are examples of older vehicles, but those came with the game.
  • Completeness: It's not much use to add a Dutch Leopard 2A4 when there is no other equipment to make a complete faction/side. The PLA mod (Chinses), BWMod, FDF etc. would be addon sets that would fit, as those can be used to build a complete map side without having to mix & mingle
  • Uniqueness: Adding an addon makes sense mainly if it's lacking from the current set. Yet another attack M4 pack would be useless, since we already have a complete set of M4/M16s in
  • Fitness for purpose: We don't use fixed wing aircraft, so adding another one wouldn't make sense really
  • Aesthetics: Addons that aren't up to par as far as eyecandy, details, shadows and what not goes, don't really belong. A fine example would be the Challenger 1 and 2 made by trouble. Still a long way to go before they compare to the current ArmA 2 OA standards...

Islands are a separate category. Diversity and size are preferred with new islands, but if other qualities are available (e.g. a few large towns that enable CQB maps), islands can still be eligible to be added.


Feedback, comments, additions most welcome!


I realise that some of our current addons (e.g. the Vilas east weapon pack, giving the vilas_rw_forces missing error) don't adhere to these rules. Sometimes we simply need to bend the rules (decent OPFOR weapons were sorely lacking before the pack was added)...

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