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Funny stuff. The addon is already a few months old, but I stumbled across this very addon myself last Saturday.


We've got crosshairs enabled on the server, which would make this addon less useful for us. Disabling crosshairs would be an option, although that would bring other troubles (like inability to use grenade launchers over greater distances, since the launcher leaf sights on most weapons are pretty much absent or useless).

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The Crosshairs are not always entirely accurate on certain weapons, so this may have some use. For example the G36 has CQB Sights with are useful if you have the time to use them. Often though in CQB you'll be long dead by the time you bring the scope up when coming across a player who uses the crosshair. As Erik says, removing the crosshair would make them more useful. But would change the style of gameplay in certain smaller maps. Perhaps there is no harm in adding it to the pack, but I imagine they would hardly ever be used in an actual game.

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