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Red Hammer Studios T-80 Pack 1.0

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Will be extremely busy in the upcoming week. Would appreciate if either Cornish, or Erik (If you have the time ofc) Can test this for me :D


Being a tanker I feel this is my field...Will get on it after F1 tomorrow, to report any issues such as balancing and such and see if we can do anything about it.

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Been testing it for the past few hours driving it around Duala ...

Seems balanced enough.

Sounds Ok


Only Bug I can see is that there is a commander seat gun, but its not usable


Have 4 different ammo for the main gun, and Heat as far as I can tell causes the most damage to other Tanks...No bugs like there is on the challenger though where you cant even tell where your round is heading,lol


I wouldnt mind this in the FUSION pack as well just adds abit more variation to the Tanks we got :D

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