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Release: Isla Duala 1.95!

March 25th, 2011 by IceBreakr


After a long wait I'm happy with the current done work and I present to you a new update 1.95. It is a Full Version (Island,Units,Required Mods). Here is a full changelog v1.95:


removed dependency to CBA & MissileBox and added Myke's standalone ibr_missilebox for Viggen

incorporated new African Foliage 1.24t2 by Berghoff (AI now doesn't have any advantage over human players)

added two loading screens (intro, mission loader)

added more border fence openings (for AI behaviour)

fixed GPS grid accuracy

added two small concrete parking spots for planes on scramble alert

added new buildings to ibr_dtowns.pbo

built a new town Numbo in central Afrene border region with several outposts and Army HQ

added transport chopper: SA.342MT Gazelle (Molatian Airforce)

added gunship choppers: Gazelle (CAS) 12,7mm+2xTOW and AS-350 Squirrel (CAS) 20mm+7xHydra

fixed SU24 left engine glitch when starting mission in flying mode (tnx Wld427)

fixed T-55 turn-out anims and made a new Molatian camo for it

added Molatian Crewman, Molatian Commando and new Afrenian Rifleman (M16A2)

fixed Molatian camo (more blending into Dualan desert, tnx Sahbazz)

added more crossings over river, improved shores

upgraded Molatian prison camp in central region

added 4 soccer fields to biggest towns

built a new school in Engor

added bridges and new roadwork from mainland to NW and SW islands

improved coastline

improved zetaborn faction: new sounds, added spaceships & tanks

Afrenian Viggens are stand-alone now (Tnx Myke!)

Afrenian Viggens are compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now

Zetaborn faction is compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now

fixed Viggen gunpod, added new orange tracer ammo

added armed Datsun jeeps to both sides in skins: army, black and police (only AFR side)

fixed horizont on Squirrel chopper (tnx RKSL-Rock)

fixed the missing Pinzgauer sound

fixed the missing chopper voice name in radio protocol

new V2 signatures for increased server security

improved savannah ground texture (bump-map)

added Molatian Army's Group: Infantry-SpecOps

fixed soldier classes in Groups to default rifleman

added a mod logo



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