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Adds four different varieties of harbor/sea boats: PBR, PBR-Transport, Patrol Boat, Assault Boat. Textures based on factions.


PBR: CDF-modified PBR armed with M2 front, AGS30 rear, and M240 midship.

- Cargo capacity 2

- Factions: CDF, CDF-Independent, NAPA, CHDKZ.


PBR-Transport: CDF PBR modified for transport, armed with M2 front only.

- Cargo capacity 6

- Factions: CDF, CDF-Independent, UNO, NAPA, PMC, PMC-West (BAF).


Patrol Boat: Fast boat armed with front DSHK, rear M240. Driver controlled police light.

- Cargo capacity 12

- Factions: RUS, CDF, CDF-Independent, PMC, PMC-West (BAF), UNO, TAK


Civilian Patrol Boat: Chernarusan patrol boat with front spot light. Driver controlled police light.

- Cargo capacity 6


Assault Boat: Fast boat refitted by certain "insurgent" factions for water and pirate operations. Armed with dual-mounted DSHK front, rear AGS30.

- Cargo capacity 12

- Front turret spotlight

- Available only to certain "insurgent" factions: NAPA, CHDKZ, Takistani Locals, Takistani Militia.


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Thanks Andy,


I will update our addon pack with the v1.1 PBR pack soon, not sure yet when though. I'd also like to include the bridge module, which I still have to change from mission based code to module (not much work, but RL is getting in the way big time currently).

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