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Arma3 - Gam Dataplot (Statistics For All)

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  • Plots graphs of live data series on screen


  • Highly customizable (on the fly zooming and resize)
  • Compatible with spectator mode
  • Hide/Show option (L key) + Slow motion and pointer (windows PAUSE key)
  • Multiple series per graph
  • Showing analisis functions (currently average type only - data must be fed, further on will be optionaly automatic)


  • Copy folder "@GAM" inside zip to your MAIN Arma 3 directory
  • Add "-mod=@GAM" to your Arma 3 shortcut
  • Check folder DataPlotCoverage.Stratis for demo mission (shows how to setup the graphs and update)

Basic Usage*:

  • Make sure you have mod installed
  • Steps:
  • Setup GAM Data Plot (choose position/size of main plotting area)
  • Create Graph(s) (involves basic options such as offset/size/margins/base color/scale and description of data to plot)
  • Create loop to Update Data to Graph, or alternatively update at your discretion
    note: graphs/series are indexed according to order of creation, for now one must himself keep track of these indexes

*Briefly I shall create a small tutorial to get those interested started


  • Option to invert data on graph
  • Option to switch axis scale <> data
  • Support for negative values
  • Support for additional math processing (interpolation/regression)
  • Support for graph reflowing (realtime replacement/increase in number of data points)
  • ...

Known issues:

  • So much customization has its setbacks, setup is currently a bit too verbose
  • Does not have default values for common options, all settings must be explicit and initialized


  • Bohemia Interactive
  • zx64/Dslyecxi and by extension Nou (STHUD & CCIP Canvas)
    for drawing to map proofs of concept






Looks quite interesting :)

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I image this could be used to have a graphical view of your efficiency, the kind of hit rate you're getting in different situations. That would help in improving your aim, but also from getting frustrated that enemies won't die when (you think) they're getting ripped apart by you.


Other than that, I can't really envision how we can make good use of this type of graphs during a game.

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