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Assetto Corsa League Vote


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Please add your name to this post if you would like to join an Assetto Corsa league.

Suggestions are for one night per week or every other week doing practice then qualifying then race on the same night, but details can be discussed if there is sufficient interest to take it further.

A minimum of 10 people is needed to make it worth while pursuing.


1. Grandpoppydoo

2. Henno Garvie

3. Mr Pix

4. SmurfN

5. Ramdrop

6. Simmo

7. Golfnut

8. Stuffed

9. Jud

10. Sammc

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Having reached the minimum sign up if 10 drivers.

1 night every 2 weeks appears to be the way to go. Which night?

Exchange of Ideas please for season format.

1. Volunteers for league admin needed

2. How many races per season?

2. Same car for full season? Or change every race?

3. Who or how is car selection made?

4. Who or how is track selection made?

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I haven't got the game yet, so I'm assuming they use tracks like the ones in Gran Turisimo, Forza etc, so I'll attempt to answer some of the questions.


Night? Maybe early Sunday? Late afternoon?

1. Could offer to help if needed

2. 10 races as a starting point? First league to be ran.

3. Same car if I'm honest.

4. Draw names out of a hat? Likewise with teammates.

5. Again, names out of a hat, or everybody proposes 2 tracks or something like that.

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1. I'll Volunteer if I'm needed

2. 10 Races is a good amount

3. Same car all season

4. decide on type -like open wheel or GT then poll on cars in each sector?

5. I guess another poll on tracks but try and use the in game as some mod created ones can have bugs in certain areas of the track


On what day, i guess weekends might easier to get the numbers in the daytime or early evening or the same nights as ARMA but do it earlier in the evening so they don't clash maybe?

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Ok we have 3 admins. Henno, Sam and myself.

Sunday early evening. Exact time to be determined. Please post alternative suggestion if this is not good for you.

Please post your preferred cars and tracks below. The same car will be used for the full season.

The admins will review these and other suggestions post the first season schedule.

We will have to wait for the full release to finalise the above and see what if any assists can be restricted at session level.

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I'm voting for

  • 458 GT2
  • Scuderia Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione
  • Exos T125 with or without the stage 1 pack (Cosworth F1 engine)
  • Formula Arbath

In terms of the tracks there are 8 tracks that are GP like and the others tracks in game are shorter versions of the same tracks so we might have use a couple of user created tracks to fill the calender.

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I vote for non-modded cars/tracks for stability in game and total support.

Would like to drive:

  • E30 (had 2 of them in the 80's)
  • F40
  • Fiat Arbarth
  • P4/5.

That said... happy for a 'class' to be chosen and my preference would be GT3 or GT2 class.

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I'll go with BMW E30. Completely different, avoiding open wheel cars like Arbarth that may turn out to be be too similar to F1.

The whole idea of my proposing the Assetto Corsa league was to race different cars to F1 and have some fun and a diversion from the main F1 Fusion league.

Why would anybody want to race both Codemasters and Assetto Corsa F1 in different leagues?

My vote puts the E30 level with Formula Abarth with 3 votes each up to now.

I suggest we have a closing date for car and track suggestions. Jan 1st.

After this the admins will draw up a short list for a simple majority vote.

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