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With BIS finally fixing the CTF flags, I figured it was time that I finally ported the C&H template to Arma 3...


More a test map than a real one, C&H 24 RAIN is on Tanoa in a coast town (La Rochelle). It's dark, it's the monsoon season, so lots of rain... Vehicles are available, flashlights, no NV goggles or thermal sights.

Both sides have load outs with limited armor, each side has one grenadier with just a 5.56 caliber rifle



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18 hours ago, [FUSION] R0adki11 said:

Did you keep the Tanoa version? 

Doesn't really make much sense. For C&H you need the numbers (which is also the reason the C&H template was last on my to do list). Until all FUSION players have Apex/Tanoa, we cannot afford to exclude some from a C&H map (or any other map, for that matter)...

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Small issue with east primary flag bunker, it has a fence in side, can't take grenades unless side arm, map might have apex stuff left over.

Nice to see a C&H map, lets hope we get the numbers to play it properly.

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Just now, FUSION_HitmanFF said:

Map has been updated to v0.02:

  • Fence inside flag 1 bunker removed
  • Issue with weapons dialog (no grenades unless side arm is selected) solved
  • All Apex objects (bunker, vehicles) replaced by vanilla ones

Fingers crossed we get more people on Sunday to test it.

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