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Finishing line in sight

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I was planning on giving up the racing in the summer of next year, that would have been my 20th season, but I have decided the bring my retirement forward by 12 months.

When we started it was just a small group of FUSION members racing for pure fun, it's league that has had a lot of great drivers, most notable Snakey9400 and Ramdrop, both great champions, and some that have not quite made it as champion but in my opinion would be worthy of being a champion, I.E OmegaIV.

We have also had a few members that have been here for a long time, Kundih and Grandpoppydoo have both done 150 races or more, so we have not done too bad, but now it’s time for me to move out of the way and let someone else take the reins.

Over this season Ben and Ramdrop will set out their vision for season 19 and beyond, I wish them the very best.

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Me and Dave have always shared a very special relationship. A strange but very special one. 

We have had arguments over stuff but always makeup. He even gave me a kiss and told me I was his favourite when i visited his house, something that few have experienced. I never hold a grudge against you, even when I storm off or dont like something. I have always respected the stuff you have done even if you dont think I do. Or I wouldn't come back.

In all fairness if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have had to use the ban feature on TS often, and thats no fun.

Had some cracking races over the last 10 seasons. Highlights been season 9, German been a two horse race and that random pole at Abu Dhabi. 

Season 13 when you kept asking me none stop to be your teammate and I eventually said yes..... Wasn't the most successful spell, neither of us winning a race but was still funny. 

Some interesting moments, some good, bad and indifferent. 

I still think you can manage 1 more season on a fresh game, maybe race one then skip one. But who knows, maybe Dave will join AOR??


Illuminati confirmed ?

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I have decided I am not leaving at the end of the season, I will carry on racing for a while yet and running the league, this season has been much less stressful than in the past which was one of the major factors of me wanting to give it all up.

We have already started planning for next season and you will see some changes to the makeup of the league and maybe a few changes to the website, so stay tuned.

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