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Gt3 Season 2 Signup

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Welcome to the 2nd FUSION Project CARS league. For this league, we will be using the GT3 cars. We have 11 races planned for this reboot Formula Fusion GT3 league, the races will take place on Tuesday night with 1 or 2 taking place on a Friday with the Formula Fusion F1 league is on a break.

Please find additional information below.

Info, Rules & Calendar.

The races will be run on Tuesdays and the odd Friday night at 20:00 (UK Time).

Races will be a mixture of 1-hour races and sprint races.

This is a list of the important dates that you will need for the season.

  • Signups Open: Now
  • Signups Close: Tuesday 11th September 2018
  • Car Choice Thread: Monday 13th August 2018
  • Pre-Season Races: Friday 17th August and Tuesday 28th August 2018
  • Season Start: Tuesday 11th September
  • Season Finale: TBC

If the season has begun, drivers may still be accepted. However, if there is no room then these new drivers will become reserve drivers.

This is only an initial signup to gather interest. A car selection thread will follow, for now, you can test cars so you’re ready to choose a car!

You should only signup if you are intending on completing the full season and by doing so, accept our rules.


Sign Up (All Drivers):

Sign up by replying to this thread, following the below template. Make sure you fill in all of the fields.

● Steam Name: [Steam Name]
● Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]
Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? [Yes/No]
Assists used: [Enter any assist that you are dependant on using]*
Did you complete Season 1? [Yes/No]
● Speedtest result: [Test your connection towards a UK server at speedtest.net and add your result here]

A car choice post will follow, this is done so everybody has plenty of time to test the cars before committing.

Driver List

  1. Leader
  2. CasperA1
  3. Lo'Rexxy
  4. Grandpoppydoo

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● Steam Name: CasperA1
● Nationality: British
 Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes
 Assists used: none
 Did you complete Season 17? no
● Speedtest result: will do a speedtest result once internet is fixed and sorted 

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● Steam Name: Lo'Rexxy
● Nationality: Swiss
 Have you read and understood the FOR Rules? Yes
 Assists used: None
 Did you complete Season 17? I did start in Pcars S1 though 😄
● Speedtest result: will do when home

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Steam Name. Grandpoppydoo

Nationality. English

Rules.  Yes

Assists.  Only car specific.

PCars s1. Yes

Speed test. After EE engineer fixes my line.


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