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Formula FUSION - Season 21 Car Selection

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Drivers may choose a car based on the amount of practice points earned during Season 20. The picking order is as follows:

  1. Leader - McLaren
  2. OmegaIV - Renault
  3. CasperA1 - Ferrari
  4. Foggy - McLaren
  5. Armi[N]vB - Alfa Romeo
  6. Smu3l3y - Mercedes
  7. Kundih - Red Bull
  8. Westyy - Mercedes
  9. Lo Rexxy - Ferrari
  10. Ramdrop - Renault
  11. Dr_Waschl - Alfa Romeo
  12. Henno Garvie - Red Bull
  13. Capeta
  14. Shai KOSKAS - Haas

Please post the car you want and your teammate if you have one.

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It's all about team Forbidden Fruits this season. We may not win on track but we win in the hearts and minds of our members. Nice bulge.

Plus we are style icons. 

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If anyone wants to be my Teammate and doesn't care that I won't be able to race in races 2-4 or so, and is high enough in the order to secure us Sauber, I'm your man. 

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