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Hello all


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hey all,

Hopefully some may recall who i am, was in Platoon many years ago as Capone/Kerry.

Also was in a few other clans prior and after eg BRITS, GGX, SA, MAFIA, UKA.

Anyways since operation flashpoint i have come off PC gaming and looking to get back after a 15 year break. Currently on ps4 but in discussions about building a pc.

I dont have room for a.desk to his gonna be plugged into my lg 4k "50" tv. And yes im still gonna use a controller for normal games and eventually get a wheelstand pro with a wheel eventually.

Whats a good pc setup to build i was looking at the 2070 graphics card and with gpu 3600 which im sure be fine for streaming while gaming likely drop to 100 frames.

Any of you lot wish to add me on steam its kerjam88 as currently i have no friends on oc other than GGX Westy and few other from GGX when they accept me.

Previously never used steam so im guessing steam is the go to store for all the games? 

What's the gaming situation on arma 3 and soldner now days as im looking to grab these.

Hope everyones dealing with the pandemic and all are well.

Kind regards




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2 minutes ago, Leader said:

Those specs will do you fine, get Arma 3 asap so you can join us when we play on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Ye will do probably be around december. I dont get why only certain games aint on steam so need a blizzard account now too thought by now everything would be on one app 😭

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