Frontier Issues Tracker

Frontier Issues Tracker

Greetings Commanders!

As part of our efforts to upgrade our forums and feedback process, we are excited to share the details of our brand new Issues Tracker with you!

The Issues Tracker is a new website that will replace the current forum system of reporting bugs with one that puts the power in your hands. The new Issues Tracker will not only make it easier to report new bugs and issues to us but will also help make clear to us which issues matter most to you.

Awesome New Features

  • Search for existing reports using keywords
  • Contribute to other players’ reported issues
  • Vote Up the confirmed Issues that matter most to highlight their importance
  • See what the Top Issues are
  • Follow all the progress from your own reports on a dedicated ‘My Issues’ page

How the Issue Tracker works

  • Login with your Frontier Account
  • You report an issue to us
    • The issue will be listed on our tracker in an ‘Unconfirmed’ status
    • Other…

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