Game Balancing Pt.2

Game Balancing Pt.2

Greetings Commanders,

Last week we posted this announcement about our plans for game balancing. Make sure to give it a read for information on the changes that were implemented last week and an overview of our plans.

A lot has happened in the short amount of time since then. We’ve collected and analysed your feedback and are happy to confirm that Anti-Xeno combat and Powerplay (the most frequent topics in your replies) will be part of our long term plans as well as many other aspects of Elite Dangerous that were mentioned. On Monday we rolled out the Mining and Trade changes described in the post and made some adjustments which we’ll continue to examine and tweak as necessary. For now, they seem to have had the expected impact but your continued feedback is welcome.

This past week we’ve been discussing and preparing the combat changes described in our previous post. The following changes can be expected later today alongside a GalNet article:


Game Balancing Pt.2

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