Important Information on the Enhanced Missile Rack Initiative

Important Information on the Enhanced Missile Rack Initiative

Greetings commanders,

Today we launched the first mining community goal since the release of Fleet Carriers and we’re happy to see you are as excited to take part as we are! We’ve noticed some confusion regarding the mechanics of the goal which we would like to address so you can get right back to earning that fantastic reward!

Purchasing materials from Fleet Carriers
The latest Community Goal is a mining community goal, which means your materials need to be mined in order to count. If you purchase these materials from a Fleet Carrier then it will not contribute.

Tech Broker reward
The reward for this week’s goal works differently to how you may expect. Rather than unlocking the item in outfitting, you directly purchase the module with the mined resources. You can get two by obtaining double the resources.

We hope this helps you in completing the goal and earning your unique missile rack!


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