[INCOMING] Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Hotfix 10.01

[INCOMING] Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Hotfix 10.01

Greetings Commanders.

Happy to share some progress with you this afternoon.

After extensive dev side discussion and planning over the course of the last few days following the release of Update 10 for Odyssey, the team are confident in the planned release of a hotfix to address some prominent gameplay issues that have arisen as a result of Update 10 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Commanders, with a view to deploy early next week (week commencing 31 January).

We are continuing to also discuss exisiting issues present for Console and Horizons only Commanders, with a view to share more on expectation around these as soon as possible.
The same goes for additional issue reports across all versions, including the known issues we’ve logged and acknowledged as part of previous updates.
These are still VERY valid, but we do want to take whatever opportunity we can in the form of a hotfix like this, to put in (if even a few) lower risk but high reward (in terms of…​

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