[INCOMING] Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 10 | Horizons Update (PC & Console)

[INCOMING] Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 10 | Horizons Update (PC & Console)

Greetings Commanders.

A very happy Monday to you all.
Back in with some ‘pre flight checks’ again for a fairly sudden and abrupt delivery of news today…It’s ‘Update Day’ soon. By ‘Soon’, this time we mean…tomorrow.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 10, along with a selection of quality fixes for Horizons players on PC and Console, will be available to all at approximately 12:00 UTC tomorrow, January 25 2022

Approximate (see what I did there?) Deployment Schedule:

  • In game broadcasting for pending server downtime shall begin at 9:00am UTC.
  • All Elite Dangerous servers will be offline from approximately 10:00am UTC to accommodate Update 10 for Odyssey and an update housing a selection of fixes for Horizons players (PC & Console).
  • Servers will return online at approximately 12:00pm with updates available to download.

Note: We’re…

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