Issue Tracker: Planetary Tiling

Issue Tracker: Planetary Tiling

Greetings Commanders,

We’d like to take this opportunity to address the Tiling Planetary Features issue from the Issue Tracker.

After spending some time to observe the effects of the issue while weighing-up the costs to resolve it, we have decided to focus those resources elsewhere. Reducing or preventing the tiling effect would require a deep-overhaul of fundamental systems, which in turn would disrupt other aspects of the game. This would inevitably take time away from developing and improving other elements such as performance, bug fixes, and new content. We cannot justify this level of change and a re-generation of the galaxy in Elite. This is unlikely to change in the future so the issue will be closed, freeing up votes on the tracker for other issues.

We’ll continue to strive for the best possible experience for the highest number of players which our current focus allows us to do. We hope you’ll appreciate the reasoning behind this decision.


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