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Join us

FUSION Squad logoWelcome to FUSION! Join us

Maybe you’re looking for an Arma3 squad or a F1 league to join? Well, we’re looking for new members.

If you haven’t already you can look at the About Us page which gives details on what we play and when we play.
What has FUSION to offer?
  • A group of relaxed and mature friends, with a focus on fun.
  • Well organised outfit
  • Community Website
  • High Powered Gaming Server
What we feel you should bring?
  • A relaxed and mature attitude
  • Dependability
What do we need to know of you in case you fill in the recruitment form
  • Name
  • Age ( a minimum of 18)
  • Country where you live (city is OK too, but not necessary).
  • Your native language (apart from that you should be proficient with English)
  • E-mail, Skype or Steam
  • Your online handle
  • Where did you hear of us?
Once we have these details, we will contact you as necessary.

HitmanFF, Leader and R0adki11


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